Get Moving

2006_0813Image0102Here are three great ways to get yourself moving while you are getting your kids in the habit of being more active.  There are so many ways to have fun that you will forget it’s exercise.

1.  Take a hike.  Yep, get out and enjoy Mother Nature with the kids.  Take a book with you to help identify plants, birds, trees, mushrooms or whatever interests you.  You will discover a whole new world out there and your kids, who might complain the first few times out, will learn to love it.

2. Take the kids and a ball down to the school yard, soccer field or beach and just have fun kicking the ball around.  Kids of any age love this, from the littles tykes to your all-star soccer kid.  It gets you moving and it’s great fun for the kids to see if they can outrun, out-kick and out-smart you on the field.

3. Remember Hopscotch or Red Rover, Red Rover or Kick the Can?  Games you played as a kid…..before video games had you sitting on the couch all day. Wouldn’t it be fun to pass these games down to your kids?  Or maybe you are learning them for the first time, yourself.  You might want to start working out a little before you bring your kids in on the games.  Just so they don’t beat you too badly.

So now you see how easy and fun it is to get yourself and your kids moving again.  Get out the door and enjoy life.