Probiotic Supplements and You

Probiotics are one of the most important supplements to help you along in your quest for optimal health and wellness. Feeling great is key to deriving the most enjoyment out of your life.
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And it all starts in your gut. Yes, the gut or digestive tract is one of the most important systems in the entire body. It is the place where 80% of your immune strength comes from and can be thought of as the brain’s best friend. And sometimes communication between the best of friends gets confused and derailed. This is what happens when the bad bacteria in the gut becomes overgrown and overtakes the good bacteria.

The gut is like the brain’s rather ugly, but much loved, twin. They are symbiotically connected and when one is out of balance the other cannot function effectively. The messages concerning the inflammation response, allergy response, immune response and others do not transfer properly.

Molecular ThoughtsThis miscommunication between the brain and the gut is very detrimental to our overall health, balance and wellbeing.

The overgrowth of bad bacteria can be caused by our diet, antibiotics, stress, illness and many other factors. When we begin to suffer from digestive issues, brain fog, anxiety, multiple colds and flu and many other complaints, it may be our body telling us that we are out of balance.

A good multi-strain probiotic supplement to restore balance to the intestinal tract is the first step in healing and strengthening our bodies defences.

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