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Having A Bad Day? 3 Reasons Why It’s Probably Not Your Fault.


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We’ve all had those days, or weeks even, where nothing seems to go right and everything just makes us mad. And you wonder what the heck is wrong with you? Why can’t you just feel happy?


Well, the good news is, it may not be you.


There are many things in our environment and in choices we make, that can affect our moods. Most of the time we never give a second thought to what color the walls in our house are painted or what color shirt we are wearing. And if we think about food, it’s mostly how delicious it tastes or “what can I have for breakfast that’s fast so I can get the kids to school and me to work?”


Here are the top 3 reasons you may be having a bad day.


1. Mood = Food, Food = Mood. Did you know that food can make you happy? And it can also make you sad!! The foods that we eat can be very helpful in regulating our emotions. Walnuts have a calming effect on our nervous system, helping to alleviate anxiety and stress. This is due to their high alpha linolenic acid content. Dark chocolate is wonderful at lifting off a bad mood. And not simply because it tastes so yummy. Dark chocolate has the ability to improve the blood flow to the brain, lifting the spirits and enhancing alertness.


2. No News Is Good News. Next time you watch the news, be aware of how it makes you feel. Do you feel sad, angry, hopeless or helpless? This is not uncommon and gives us a very good reason to stop watching the daily news. Have you ever noticed how they rarely report an good news? I don’t understand it myself, but bad news sells. If you find it impossible to stop cold turkey, simply cut back to once a week or so. Eventually you will be able to give up your nightly ‘dose of depression” and notice how much happier you feel.


3. That Is So Not Your Color. Strange but true: wearing the wrong color can have a direct influence on how you feel. Be aware of how certain colors make you feel. And remember that hormones may play a part in your reactions, as well. Red is a color of passion and creativity. But it is also a color that can induce anger and downright crankiness, possibly more-so during your moon cycle. Blue can be very calming and relaxing or it can trigger tears that spring from out of nowhere.


If you do feel overly emotional, for whatever reason, try wearing something in a nice light green, pink or purple. Honouring your emotions is important. They are surfacing for a reason. But working with them from a calm state will be much more productive and you will be much more insightful. Adding a few of these calming colors to your wardrobe can help shift your emotional state. They are sort of like your ‘rescue wardrobe.’


By simply paying attention to your subtle reactions to certain colors throughout the month, you will be able to breeze through your day with a smile on your face and a song in your heart.


And if all else fails, buy new shoes! 

5 Tips For Living Your Best Life Ever.


sky-1873934_1920Do you ever think that perhaps adulting has been over rated?  Don’t you wish there was a way to escape and just be a kid for a while, or at least be able to de-stress?   


Here are my Top 5 Tips for living a life you can really enjoy.


1. Take time for yourself at least twice a week. Whether you are surrounded by kids all day or co-worker drama, it is important to your health, at every level, to take time to do something that is just for you.


You can take a walk, read a book, sit in the shower and sing at the top of your lungs, meet up with a friend or just sit in peace and quiet for a few minutes. This is your time.




2. Be adventurous. You can be adventurous out in the world or right at home. It can be in the bedroom or in the middle of a Holi Festival in India. It may be as simple as cooking up something you have never tried before or as intense as training for the Iron Man. Life is meant to be enjoyed and the world is a wonderful place to explore. It really is your playground.




3. Have fun and be silly. Don’t take life or yourself too seriously. You can get stuck in a trap of being afraid to step out of the box.


Life is meant to be playful and no matter how old you are, you still have a kid inside you that wants to play. Build a fort with sheets and kitchen chairs and have a picnic with your sweetie, blow bubble outside like you did when you were a kid, jump in puddles after a rainstorm, have a food fight……outside. Play hopscotch with the neighbor kids and their Mom’s and Dad’s, have a dress-op party or a pajama party with friends. Life is unpredictable. Don’t waste it by being afraid to play.



4. Daydream. Like the Comedy Channel on TV says….Time Well Wasted. Daydreaming is good for the soul, for the mind and for your body. Spend a few moments in your Happy Place where you are safe, your favorite music is playing, the environment is perfect and anything is possible. This is worth a few moments of your day. Being in this calm, peaceful, happy state of mind where you can be in your perfect world calms the body and releases those feel good endorphins. It can help your blood pressure, shift you into a more positive frame of mind, ignite new ideas and inspiration.


5. Release feelings of guilt, anger, resentment and any other negative emotions that cause you pain. These emotions are also key instigators in many health conditions that need not occur. This is an important step and may require a wee bit of effort. But once you have made these changes, you will be free of those chains. You will be in a space where you care able to experience real joy in living.


There are many, relatively painless methods of letting these emotions go. You can try – Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT, uses scripts and tapping points on the body to release. – guided mediation. – body work to move trapped emotions from the tissue – Emotion Code, uses magnets along the spinal meridian – Psych-K, which uses cross-brain motions – Neuro Linguistic Programming, or NLP, uses body cues and other techniques to release.


As always, consult with your health care practitioner to be certain you are not dealing with chemical or hormonal imbalances that can cause a negative emotional state.


In the end, your choices determine the amount of joy, wonder, magic, excitement, love and fun you will experience in your life. Create experiences that support you, inspire you, feed your soul. And you will live your Best Life EVER.

4 Ways To Be Sure You Are Getting The Best Probiotic For You.





There are many new probiotic supplements hitting pharmacies and health food stores these days.


How do you know which one to choose and how do you know it is right for you?


First of all, look for one that has at least five strains. You want some Lactobacillus strains, such as L. Acidophilus, L. Casei and L. Plantarum. Look for Bifidobacterium strains as well, such as B. Breve and B. Longnum. Be sure most of them list bacteria content of each strain in the billions or very high millions. They multiply in the gut very nicely but you want to give them the biggest head start you can. You also want to look for at least 5 billion count per serving. They have to travel through the digestive process in our stomach; a pretty nasty environment and some of our friendly little flora will die.


To be certain this is the probiotic for you, take the recommended dosage each day for 30 days. You should begin to notice some change for you during that time. Maybe you will have less gas, have more energy, or notice you are making more regular trips to the bathroom.


Look for a product that offers a money back guarantee. You can be sure they understand that every person’s body is unique and that not every product is right for every person.

3 Great Ways To Enjoy A Fun, Healthy Summer.




Summer is my favorite time of year. We have 5 months of winter, 4 months of muddy, cold weather that is bad for gardening or skiing so we are left with 3 lovely months of sun, green grass and summer fun. But our diet can suffer through those months.


Even though we have an abundance of fresh fruit and veggies, we also have numerous parties, travel plans, and other activities that can wreak havoc on our digestive system and the delicate balance of the bacteria that keeps it healthy.


Here are my top 3 ways to keep that microbial balance at its optimum level and still enjoy all those great summer activities.




1. Manage stress. Yes, as much fun as summer is, stress can be a factor in planning all those activities. Take some time for yourself each day. Even if it is only 15 minutes hiding in the bathroom, just take that time to practice some nice deep breathing into the belly. This belly breathing calms the nervous system and actually help eliminate negative thoughts. A short meditation is always beneficial. There are many on youtube. Find something that makes you laugh. A good belly laugh is excellent medicine.


2. Summer makes it easier to watch what you eat. With the amazing variety of fresh fruits and veggies, salads are always on the menu. There are many salads you can make up ahead of time so they are handy. Limit the amount of creamy dressings and when it comes to treats, just eat of little bit of your very favorite ones. And be sure you drink lots of water. Stay hydrated and your body will love you for it.


3. I always make sure I take probiotics. This way I know I am doing my best to maintain that crucial balance in my intestinal tract. This helps support the immune system, avoid digestive problems, keep my energy levels up and reduce inflammation issues in joints and muscles. Probiotics are my go-to supplement and I love them.


So get out there and enjoy those fabulous sunny, summer days.