3 Ways You Can Ensure Beautiful Harmony Between Your Gut And Brain.


Can you truly have harmony between your gut and your brain?  The short answer is yes. And actually the long answer is yes, too.

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Your body is a universe of bacteria, yeasts, chemical reactions and hormonal responses that combine to create an environment where you and your body live out each moment. They are the unseen, unsung heroes of our existence.


And although our brain matter is vital to it all working and functioning properly to allow us to experience good health, research is showing that the real CEO of our body and our brain, is our gut. Or more accurately, the bacteria that lives within our gut and the critical balance that exists between the friendly and not-so-friendly flora.


The gut is being called the second brain by scientists. Although they have known about the connection and communication that goes on between the gut and the brain for many years, new findings continue to astound scientists concerning the complexity of this communication and how it affects our body.


It seems as though the bacterial balance in our gut can affect everything from our vitality to our feeling of happiness to how many times we call in sick to work.


When the bad bacteria and yeasts over-colonize and take over our gut, it can cause our body to turn into something we barely recognize as our own. We crave foods that are not good for us, but feeds this bacteria quite nicely. We can experience emotional upsets ranging from simple mood swings to intense depression. We are sick more often, have a harder time fighting off infections, experience fatigue, cognitive issues, not to mention all the gastric and digestive issues that plague most of the population throughout the world. So what is happening here?


Essentially, our gut has been invaded and colonized by the ‘enemy’. Now don’t get me wrong. It is all about balance here. We do need some of those yeasts and bad bacteria in our body. It is when they have taken over and crowded out the good bacteria that we have issues.


Where do all these bad bacteria come from? In our day to day life we are bombarded by things that destroy our delicate balanced gut environment. We are stressed, fearful, anxious. Our food and water are filled with chemicals, hormones and antibiotics that completely disrupt the microbiome residing in our gut, killing off the good bacteria and supporting the bad.


But there are things you can do now to return balance and harmony to your digestive tract.


1. Find a high quality, multi-strain probiotics supplement that works well for you. Give it a good month to two months before deciding whether it is working for you or not. It took time for this imbalance to occur so it will take time for things to heal.


2. Do your very best to eat healthy and organic. Pay attention to where your food comes from. It is not enough to just pick up some raw vegetables, greens and fruits. Most product from grocery stores comes filled with unwanted and nasty pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and who knows what other ‘cides.’ These are toxins you are bringing into your body and will destroy not only the good bacteria, but cell integrity, increased free radicals and many other harmful things.


This goes for meat, as well. Most meat is pumped full of antibiotics and hormones to get it ready for our table. Look for grass fed, free range, happy critters. Or ditch the meat altogether. And it’s sad to say, but tap water is also filled with harmful chemicals that can kill off good bacteria.



3. Relax! Yes, de-stress, chill, let it go. Stress is our number one killer. Allowing stress to rule your life affects every single bodily function and process in a negative way. Once you have your gut happy and healthy, you will notice that you feel happier, less stressed and may find that life is a lot more fun.