A Movie To Lift The Spirit.








Movies move us to every different emotion known to man, and then some. They make us cry and think, laugh and wonder, rage at atrocities and tremble in terror.


But my favorite movies are ones that lift my spirits and make me happy. Did you know that doing something that lifts your spirits and gives you that rush of feel-good endorphins is good for your health? So your Friday night movie just might be good for your health. That’s pretty good news. Just don’t forget to fit in a bit of exercise to work off that popcorn.


One of the best movies I have seen that brings that joyful lifting of the spirit is called Michael starring John Travolta as, believe it or not, Arch Angel Michael. It’s from 1996. And he is not your average Angel. Leave it to Travolta to take even an Arch Angel and create a character all his own that, once you experience him, you will never forget.


I found a trailer on youtube



I hope that you enjoy it.