Are You Waiting For New Years Day To Commit To Your Best Life?




New Years Day is only 2 months away. Yikes! Where did the year go?


What incredible changes have comes into everyone’s lives over the last 10 months?   Are you where you thought you would be? Have you given as much as you wanted to living life on your terms? No? Me neither.


Life, with the ups and downs of a crab boat stuck in the perfect storm, has a way of sidetracking our best intentions and sinking them out of sight. And why do we wait till that one special day in the year to make new commitments to living our best life? Are we not worthy of making that promise to ourselves during the remaining 364 days? Yes, we certainly are.


I know that Christmas Crazy Time is just around the corner but there are many things you can do to now to regain and maintain your commitment to living your best life. Here are just a few:









Pay a little more attention to what you eat.


I know, we hear that every day but remembering that your body relies on you for fuel to live, it’s a good idea to look at your diet. And choosing the ‘right’ diet is massively confusing, with options like Paleo, Eat/Fast, Raw Diet, Low Carb.


I think it comes down to being in tune with your body and really noticing how different foods or diet plans affect it. But one sure fire tip I got from my wise friend, Lynne, is Eat From The Rainbow. I love it. That I can do. It’s easy, it’s fun, it fits our crazy lifestyle. Oh, and it’s good for you.


Purple cabbage, onions and eggplant, red pomegranate, peppers and apples, green kale, kiwi and celery, yellow beans, bananas and squash, orange…well, oranges. You get the idea. Begin introducing a rainbow of color into your diet, today.


Molecular Thoughts



Play mind games.  No, not that kind! 




Nourishing your body is important, but are you nourishing your mind? Did you know your brain creates new neural pathways as you learn new skills? Yes, simply learning a new language, taking up carpentry or using your non-dominate hand for, say, brushing your teeth, moves your brain out of habitual patterning. It then has to create new paths for the new information.


I find that fascinating and exciting. Many people keep their brain active by doing word puzzles like cross-word or find-a-word. Others make a commitment to learn something new each year. But one of the funnest ways I can think of to keep that ol’ grey matter lively and jellin’ is dance.


New research has shown that pattern dancing, such as ballroom or salsa can create new neural pathways and is great for maintaining that mind/body connection. Time to get out there and jumpstart your brain today.




Keep on improving.


Benjamin Franklin may have been one of the first self-improvement gurus in North America. He sat down one day and really took a good look at his life. He realized there was room for improvement and listed several areas on which to focus. After prioritizing the list, he then devoted one month of concentrated effort to each item on his list.


Do you think he ever stopped growing and improving? Probably not till the day he died. Start your list today. Self growth is good for the soul, otherwise you stagnate. Reinvent what is not working in your life.


As your car of life moves along, are you just a passenger in the back seat with no control over where life takes you? Or are you in the drivers seat, with the top down, music playing, wind blowing through your hair? You are the one holding the keys!


Don’t wait till New Years Eve. Any day can be the day you take charge. Make life-changing choices today! You can create a life that sizzles and sings. You deserve that.