Boogie Your Way To A Healthier You



If you’re like me, you love to dance. It’s one of a my all-time favorite things to do and I am so happy I married a great guy who loves to dance as much as I do. We’ll dance to almost any kind of music but we do like rock, old and new, the best. Because we love dancing so much, we never really considered the health benefits. It’s an added bonus to find out there are many. Did you know that shaking your booty can:


  • strengthen your cardiovascular system and heart
  • keeps our brain active
  • burns loads of calories
  • reduces stress and increases confidence
  • strengthens core muscles
  • slows agin process by keeping us moving and our joints lubricated
  • keeps bones strong, preventing osteoarthritis
  • strengthens and tones legs
  • develops poise and balance
  • And dancing makes us happy.

Dancing is also great for the brain. The intricate steps of ballroom dance create new neuron pathways, keeping the brain nimble and sharp. Dancing can make you smarter.


Not only are there incredible benefits to dancing the night away but when you are out for a night on the town, just being with friends can has a positive impact on your health. Laughter releases endorphins, companionship raises mood levels and shifts our state of being.


In our small town we now have ballroom dance classes and we recently started a women only dance night.  We all take turns creating a play list and one evening a week we all get together to dance like no one will post it on fb or Instagram.   And we all promised “no posting!”


There are many ways to get our exercise, shift our mood and take charge of our health. But one of the funnest ways to accomplish this goal is to get out of the house and go dancing.