Cashews – 5 Ways This Versatile, Tasty Nut Can Boost Your Health





Cashews are making a name for themselves not only because of how delicious and versatile they are, but because of the numerous health benefits that are being discovered.


Cashews are actually the seeds that are attached to the bottom of a fruit called the Cashew Apple. Although we don’t use Cashew Apples a lot in North America, they are considered a real treat in the Caribbean and their native Brazil.


Here are 5 ways that including cashews in your diet can help give a boost to your health.


1. They are very good for your heart. Cashews contain high amounts of monounsaturated fats, the kind that are good for your heart, that can help reduce high triglyceride levels. Studies show that 4 servings of nuts, such as cashews, per week, might possible reduce the risk of coronary heart disease by a possible 36%!


2. As we age, our bones and our body’s ability to rebuild bone tissue, becomes compromised. Cashews contain large amounts of magnesium helping with bone structure.


3. Research indicates a reduction in the formation of gallstones by at least 25% may be attributed to the consumption of an ounce of cashews or other nuts per week.


4. Cashews contain a high level of copper, helping your body get rid of free radicals, retain elasticity of joints, blood vessels, and bones, as well as regulating heartbeat. Maintaining the proper levels of copper in our systems is also linked to increased ability to resist infection, proper absorption of iron and restoring the balance of LDL to HDL cholesterol levels in the body.


5. Cashews can help you lose weight. Because of their lower than average fat content, they are the perfect choice to add to your weight lose plan. They can be used in curries, added to salads or just eaten as a snack. And cashew nut butter can be added to a smoothie in the morning or a mid-morning snack with celery sticks. It’s important to look for nuts that are organic, untreated and raw for the best results.


So head on down to your local health food store and stock up on these yummy, healthy treats today!