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5 Tips For Living Your Best Life Ever.


sky-1873934_1920Do you ever think that perhaps adulting has been over rated?  Don’t you wish there was a way to escape and just be a kid for a while, or at least be able to de-stress?   


Here are my Top 5 Tips for living a life you can really enjoy.


1. Take time for yourself at least twice a week. Whether you are surrounded by kids all day or co-worker drama, it is important to your health, at every level, to take time to do something that is just for you.


You can take a walk, read a book, sit in the shower and sing at the top of your lungs, meet up with a friend or just sit in peace and quiet for a few minutes. This is your time.




2. Be adventurous. You can be adventurous out in the world or right at home. It can be in the bedroom or in the middle of a Holi Festival in India. It may be as simple as cooking up something you have never tried before or as intense as training for the Iron Man. Life is meant to be enjoyed and the world is a wonderful place to explore. It really is your playground.




3. Have fun and be silly. Don’t take life or yourself too seriously. You can get stuck in a trap of being afraid to step out of the box.


Life is meant to be playful and no matter how old you are, you still have a kid inside you that wants to play. Build a fort with sheets and kitchen chairs and have a picnic with your sweetie, blow bubble outside like you did when you were a kid, jump in puddles after a rainstorm, have a food fight……outside. Play hopscotch with the neighbor kids and their Mom’s and Dad’s, have a dress-op party or a pajama party with friends. Life is unpredictable. Don’t waste it by being afraid to play.



4. Daydream. Like the Comedy Channel on TV says….Time Well Wasted. Daydreaming is good for the soul, for the mind and for your body. Spend a few moments in your Happy Place where you are safe, your favorite music is playing, the environment is perfect and anything is possible. This is worth a few moments of your day. Being in this calm, peaceful, happy state of mind where you can be in your perfect world calms the body and releases those feel good endorphins. It can help your blood pressure, shift you into a more positive frame of mind, ignite new ideas and inspiration.


5. Release feelings of guilt, anger, resentment and any other negative emotions that cause you pain. These emotions are also key instigators in many health conditions that need not occur. This is an important step and may require a wee bit of effort. But once you have made these changes, you will be free of those chains. You will be in a space where you care able to experience real joy in living.


There are many, relatively painless methods of letting these emotions go. You can try – Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT, uses scripts and tapping points on the body to release. – guided mediation. – body work to move trapped emotions from the tissue – Emotion Code, uses magnets along the spinal meridian – Psych-K, which uses cross-brain motions – Neuro Linguistic Programming, or NLP, uses body cues and other techniques to release.


As always, consult with your health care practitioner to be certain you are not dealing with chemical or hormonal imbalances that can cause a negative emotional state.


In the end, your choices determine the amount of joy, wonder, magic, excitement, love and fun you will experience in your life. Create experiences that support you, inspire you, feed your soul. And you will live your Best Life EVER.

Are You Waiting For New Years Day To Commit To Your Best Life?




New Years Day is only 2 months away. Yikes! Where did the year go?


What incredible changes have comes into everyone’s lives over the last 10 months?   Are you where you thought you would be? Have you given as much as you wanted to living life on your terms? No? Me neither.


Life, with the ups and downs of a crab boat stuck in the perfect storm, has a way of sidetracking our best intentions and sinking them out of sight. And why do we wait till that one special day in the year to make new commitments to living our best life? Are we not worthy of making that promise to ourselves during the remaining 364 days? Yes, we certainly are.


I know that Christmas Crazy Time is just around the corner but there are many things you can do to now to regain and maintain your commitment to living your best life. Here are just a few:









Pay a little more attention to what you eat.


I know, we hear that every day but remembering that your body relies on you for fuel to live, it’s a good idea to look at your diet. And choosing the ‘right’ diet is massively confusing, with options like Paleo, Eat/Fast, Raw Diet, Low Carb.


I think it comes down to being in tune with your body and really noticing how different foods or diet plans affect it. But one sure fire tip I got from my wise friend, Lynne, is Eat From The Rainbow. I love it. That I can do. It’s easy, it’s fun, it fits our crazy lifestyle. Oh, and it’s good for you.


Purple cabbage, onions and eggplant, red pomegranate, peppers and apples, green kale, kiwi and celery, yellow beans, bananas and squash, orange…well, oranges. You get the idea. Begin introducing a rainbow of color into your diet, today.


Molecular Thoughts



Play mind games.  No, not that kind! 




Nourishing your body is important, but are you nourishing your mind? Did you know your brain creates new neural pathways as you learn new skills? Yes, simply learning a new language, taking up carpentry or using your non-dominate hand for, say, brushing your teeth, moves your brain out of habitual patterning. It then has to create new paths for the new information.


I find that fascinating and exciting. Many people keep their brain active by doing word puzzles like cross-word or find-a-word. Others make a commitment to learn something new each year. But one of the funnest ways I can think of to keep that ol’ grey matter lively and jellin’ is dance.


New research has shown that pattern dancing, such as ballroom or salsa can create new neural pathways and is great for maintaining that mind/body connection. Time to get out there and jumpstart your brain today.




Keep on improving.


Benjamin Franklin may have been one of the first self-improvement gurus in North America. He sat down one day and really took a good look at his life. He realized there was room for improvement and listed several areas on which to focus. After prioritizing the list, he then devoted one month of concentrated effort to each item on his list.


Do you think he ever stopped growing and improving? Probably not till the day he died. Start your list today. Self growth is good for the soul, otherwise you stagnate. Reinvent what is not working in your life.


As your car of life moves along, are you just a passenger in the back seat with no control over where life takes you? Or are you in the drivers seat, with the top down, music playing, wind blowing through your hair? You are the one holding the keys!


Don’t wait till New Years Eve. Any day can be the day you take charge. Make life-changing choices today! You can create a life that sizzles and sings. You deserve that.

A Movie To Lift The Spirit.








Movies move us to every different emotion known to man, and then some. They make us cry and think, laugh and wonder, rage at atrocities and tremble in terror.


But my favorite movies are ones that lift my spirits and make me happy. Did you know that doing something that lifts your spirits and gives you that rush of feel-good endorphins is good for your health? So your Friday night movie just might be good for your health. That’s pretty good news. Just don’t forget to fit in a bit of exercise to work off that popcorn.


One of the best movies I have seen that brings that joyful lifting of the spirit is called Michael starring John Travolta as, believe it or not, Arch Angel Michael. It’s from 1996. And he is not your average Angel. Leave it to Travolta to take even an Arch Angel and create a character all his own that, once you experience him, you will never forget.


I found a trailer on youtube



I hope that you enjoy it.

The Spirit Of The Journey.




There are many and various things that fill and feed the spirit of we humans. We may find it in our local church, mosque or temple. We may find it close to home or far away from our roots. Or it may be that we discover it in different ways through many different avenues.


My sweetie and I love to travel. We have been many beautiful places, some simply out in the forests of British Columbia, close to home, others far, far away. We went to Egypt a few years back. It filled us with wonder and amazement. Each temple was sacred and profound for different reasons. We have been all over North America and into the Caribbean and have felt profound connection with our spirit in each of those places in different ways.


This is a quote from Rev. Dave Brown. He captures the essence, I think, of travelling to distant places and how we can be more than simply a tourist. We can become a part of that place, if only for a moment in time.


Click the link for the rest of his wonderful article.


“Yet, the spirituality of travel is about more than going to sacred places. It is about the way we travel, the way we present to the places where we travel, being more than a sightseer but someone who engages and interacts with the places they visit. Traveling with openness in our heart, mind and soul we may find ourselves nourished and engaged in ways expected and in ways that may surprise us. “


Read more here:

Get Your Ohm On.



You have heard it over and over again but the truth is, meditation is one of the most wonderful things you can do for your body, your mind and your spirit.  And making it a daily practice is easy.


No, you don’t need to spend an hour secluded in a special sanctuary.  Nor do you require incense, crystals, special music or a picture of the latest guru hanging on your wall. All you need is a space you feel comfortable in, music you find calming and relaxing, comfy clothes and the intention to just give yourself these few minutes to be in a relaxed, receptive, calm and peaceful state.  See?  Easy Peasy.


There is no right way or wrong way to mediate. The key is breathe


Breathe in through the nose and deep into the belly for a count of 4, hold for a count of 2-4, then breathe out for a count of 4.  Follow the breathe.


A runner or cyclist can be in a meditative, altered state.  A mother rocking her sleeping baby can, too.  You actually slip into a meditative, altered state many times throughout your day as your breathe falls into a rhythm.  Now, you simply take that state and use it in a conscious way.



You may like to take a few moments in the morning to set your intention for the day, prepare for that big meeting or simply allow yourself to feel how incredible you are.  Or you may choose to meditate in the evening and let the days worries and stresses fall away, leading you to a good nights sleep. Or both. 


If a thought pops into your head, simply notice it and let it go.  If you have an itch, scratch it.  If you need to stretch out your legs, do that.  Then go back to following your breathe.


This is, of course, a very simply way to take the first steps into your meditation practice.  There are as many techniques in meditation as there are teachers.  Many times, when you are first starting out, a guided meditation is very helpful because there is someone telling you what to do, how to breathe and gives you something you can follow.


Below I have given you a guided meditation you can use now to get started.  Remember, though, that this is your journey, your time. If the one I’ve included doesn’t feel right for you, please remember, don’t give up.  There are many places to discover amazing meditations and relaxation audios.  Enjoy your journey.