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Part of the daily regimen

i’ve been using probiotics for a long time but also realized that not all probiotics are the same. Savi Wellness Daily Essential Probiotics Supplements really do work and provides a solid 10.12 billion good bacteria per dosage. i’ve been fighting long term allergy issues with certain foods and one of the biggest things that has helped is by taking probiotics to ward off GI issues. it’s helped tremendously and i no longer have all those embarrassing symptoms that come along with IBS and food allergies. i can’t imagine not taking probiotics on a daily basis. this stuff works!


By M. Scales “mazz” (Fort Lauderdale, Florida)
Having suffered with candida for years I spent three months on a concerted effort to get rid of it – no sugar, no bread or wheat products, no dairy and very little fruit. Whew! It worked and now I am making sure it won’t come back by getting my daily dose of probiotics. There is a really high amount in this supplement so one per day is good enough to keep my digestion functioning well. Probiotics are essential, especially if you have taken antibiotics recently, or you suffer with any yeast infections. This stuff will really help.

Yea Rah, Probiotics

By JFarm
This is a great product at a great price. Our experience with probiotics is like a night and day thing. More energy, better overall feeling.
We’ve just started taking this specific product and can already feel a difference. At our age, late fifties, the saying is true, “It’s a good day when the plumbing works like it should!”. On top of that we BELIEVE there will be long-term positive effects.
We’ve done enough research to know that our digestive tract/colon has a lot to do with how we feel and with our overall health. It is literally at the core of our body and everything comes through there and is processed there. This product helps all that out and makes it all work better.
So, even though we have just begun with this brand and company, we give it a BIG thumbs up!

Probiotics Good For You

By Kip Kaden “Kip” (Los Angeles, CA)

I’ve been using probiotics for years so I don’t need to be sold on them but I do look for brands that do what they say they’ll do. Savi Wellness brand does help with my digestion, helps reduce gas and is competitively prices, so I’m happy with it and will buy again. I also being a vegan insist on veggie caps which this one uses. Just wish they’d be available in a larger size so I didn’t have to buy as often.

Essential to Health!!

By Musicluvr
I have been using this product consistently, and find that the broad spectrum combination of healthy flora contained in Savi Wellness is optimal for me to feel well consistently and avoid the digestive upsets that had begun to interfere with my daily life. It has greatly helped optimize my digestive and immune systems (along with dietary changes.) This is a course of self care that is being recommended by virtually every well known physician and nutritional expert to combat the effects of our less than desirable modern lifestyle and food choices. It is important to understand that changes made to correct digestive imbalance do not necessarily occur instantly. It is well worth beginning and sticking with a solid plan. At the price, and with it’s superior contents and strength, it is a bargain compared to most of the shelf brands in any drug store. I will be buying this consistently,