Get Your Ohm On.



You have heard it over and over again but the truth is, meditation is one of the most wonderful things you can do for your body, your mind and your spirit.  And making it a daily practice is easy.


No, you don’t need to spend an hour secluded in a special sanctuary.  Nor do you require incense, crystals, special music or a picture of the latest guru hanging on your wall. All you need is a space you feel comfortable in, music you find calming and relaxing, comfy clothes and the intention to just give yourself these few minutes to be in a relaxed, receptive, calm and peaceful state.  See?  Easy Peasy.


There is no right way or wrong way to mediate. The key is breathe


Breathe in through the nose and deep into the belly for a count of 4, hold for a count of 2-4, then breathe out for a count of 4.  Follow the breathe.


A runner or cyclist can be in a meditative, altered state.  A mother rocking her sleeping baby can, too.  You actually slip into a meditative, altered state many times throughout your day as your breathe falls into a rhythm.  Now, you simply take that state and use it in a conscious way.



You may like to take a few moments in the morning to set your intention for the day, prepare for that big meeting or simply allow yourself to feel how incredible you are.  Or you may choose to meditate in the evening and let the days worries and stresses fall away, leading you to a good nights sleep. Or both. 


If a thought pops into your head, simply notice it and let it go.  If you have an itch, scratch it.  If you need to stretch out your legs, do that.  Then go back to following your breathe.


This is, of course, a very simply way to take the first steps into your meditation practice.  There are as many techniques in meditation as there are teachers.  Many times, when you are first starting out, a guided meditation is very helpful because there is someone telling you what to do, how to breathe and gives you something you can follow.


Below I have given you a guided meditation you can use now to get started.  Remember, though, that this is your journey, your time. If the one I’ve included doesn’t feel right for you, please remember, don’t give up.  There are many places to discover amazing meditations and relaxation audios.  Enjoy your journey.