How Important Are Probiotics To Your Unborn Baby?







Bringing a new child into your family is exciting.  You have so much to think about…the nursery, a changing lifestyle, who will your new little one look like?  Hopefully not Great-Uncle Herbie. 


Chances are, you haven’t really thought about adding a probiotic supplement to your maternity supplement routine.  It’s not usually something your doctor recommends but it may be something to inquire about.   


And why would they be important?  Here are 5 things to consider:


1. Your overall wellbeing is important not only to you but to your baby, as well. If you are in your best physical health your pregnancy will be much more enjoyable. You will experience less stress, which, new studies show, can transfer to your growing baby. A well balanced bacterial environment throughout the body can reduce inflammation, increase brain function and fatigue and support your hormones during pregnancy.


2. Digestive issues are a common complaint during pregnancy. We can suffer from gas, bloating, constipation, heartburn and cramping. Not much fun when you should be at your happiest. Probiotics are known to help combat all of these and make being pregnant just that much more enjoyable.


3. Emotional upheaval is one of the many issues pregnant women have. The hormones are going every which direction and some days you don’t know whether you are Jekyll or Hyde. If you begin taking probiotics today, this will go a long way in regulating your hormones on a day to day basis, even if you are not pregnant. And while mood swings are very common during pregnancy, you will at least know that you have done everything you can do to prevent them from being over the top.


4. infections are uncomfortable at the best of times. If you suffer from chronic yeast infections or any type of urogenital infections, this is a common sign that your digestive system has been overrun by bad yeasts and bacteria. If this is the case, taking probiotics becomes very important for you. Probiotics contain billions of friendly bacteria. As they colonize in your gut, they begin to eliminate the bad bugs, (leaving some, as they do have their uses), re-establishing a healthy, supportive environment that will help you keep those infections at bay.



5. Most importantly is that your bacterial balance can have an effect on your child’s health all through its life. Although new research is showing that the baby may contract some bacteria in utero, it mostly relies on your bacteria to begin colonizing on its skin and within the intestinal tract. If the bacteria in your birth canal, where baby picks up the micro-organisms, is overgrown with unfriendly bacteria and yeasts, it may have an effect on your baby’s health. 


So start your probiotic supplement today and make your pregnancy one of joy, happiness & wonderful health.