The Spirit Of The Journey.




There are many and various things that fill and feed the spirit of we humans. We may find it in our local church, mosque or temple. We may find it close to home or far away from our roots. Or it may be that we discover it in different ways through many different avenues.


My sweetie and I love to travel. We have been many beautiful places, some simply out in the forests of British Columbia, close to home, others far, far away. We went to Egypt a few years back. It filled us with wonder and amazement. Each temple was sacred and profound for different reasons. We have been all over North America and into the Caribbean and have felt profound connection with our spirit in each of those places in different ways.


This is a quote from Rev. Dave Brown. He captures the essence, I think, of travelling to distant places and how we can be more than simply a tourist. We can become a part of that place, if only for a moment in time.


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“Yet, the spirituality of travel is about more than going to sacred places. It is about the way we travel, the way we present to the places where we travel, being more than a sightseer but someone who engages and interacts with the places they visit. Traveling with openness in our heart, mind and soul we may find ourselves nourished and engaged in ways expected and in ways that may surprise us. “


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